WYMeditor integration examples

WYMeditor is a web-based XHTML WYSIWYM editor. Please study the source code of each page to learn more about the examples and how to implement them.

Note: These examples might not work locally in your browser due to browser security policies regarding frames. Serve WYMeditor and this page from a proper web server or try out the demos online.

  1. Basic integration
  2. Custom language
  3. Plugin
  4. Multiple instances
  5. Custom dialog
  6. Custom menu
  7. Custom button
  8. Custom panel
  9. Two panels
  10. Resizable
  11. Custom XHTML parser
  12. Custom layout
  13. Silver skin, hovertools, resizable
  14. More inline elements
  15. RDFa editor
  16. Google APIs
  17. Pretty theme